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What to expect from Chinese botanical consultations from Atlanta Restorative Acupuncture.

The Two Primary Areas of Focus Involved with Chinese Botanical Consultations


1. Focus on the main complaint first

The first priority for a master herbalist is to focus on the main complaint of the patient. 95% of the time, this complaint will match the most aberrant pulse. Thus, your herbalist will feel your left and right radial pulses, and will then customize a formula to strongly address the main complaint.

2. Address secondary complaints

As the main complaint subsides, the formula will be modified or changed altogether to address secondary complaints that are also associated with specific aberrant pulses.

Length of a typical consultation

The length of the typical herbal consultation will be about 15 minutes and can take place at a time adjacent to the appointment time for an acupuncture visit.

A patient looking to resolve primary and secondary health complaints can expect to schedule about 9 to 10 herbal consultations over a three month period. Some patients may need more or less time, depending on the severity of the complaints and the underlying constitution of the patient.

Herbal consultations may reduce the number of acupuncture visits that would otherwise be required to resolve an issue.

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