Conditions Helped by Chinese Botanical Medicine

Here are just some of the conditions helped by Chinese botanical medicine formulas from Atlanta Restorative Acupuncure.

The Primary Conditions Helped by Chinese Botanical Medicine

The principal use of Chinese botanical medicine, aka, Chinese herbs, is in the treatment of internal diseases, though botanicals are also highly beneficial in treating various types of pain.

Specific conditions helped

Here are just some of the conditions that Atlanta Restorative Acupuncure can resolve with customized Chinese botanical medicine formulas:


Did You Know?

The Concept of “Dampness” in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine may seem like it comes from another world to some people. However, if we look closer, we see that Chinese Medicine just has different words to describe and explain diseases and states of health.

For example, in Chinese Medicine there is a concept called “Dampness.”
One common symptom that is a manifestation of Dampness is nausea. Another example of Dampness is a substance in the body called biofilm. Biolfilms are both the microbes (bacteria, fungi, and/or protists) and the slimy extracellular network produced by the cells of these microbes. Dental placque is a biofilm. Dental decay is a result of this particular bioflim. Other biofilms stimulate pain, particularly in Fibromyalgia and auto-immune patients, via a non-specific immune response, causing a release of inflammatory cytokines in the body.

While Western medicine has anti-biotics or anti-fungals that can powerfully target microbes, they are often too harsh, can result in microbial resistance, and/or fail to clear the slimy extracellular network and are thus less effective than desired.

Chinese Medicine utilizes time tested combinations of botanicals, that with time, and in non-life threatening conditions, can gently clear the body of both the microbe and the slimy layer in which it thrives.

See the following video for another interesting explanation for the critical Chinese Medicine concept of “Dampness”

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