Detoxification for HEALTHY Weight Loss

How much would your life improve right now if you could just get your health under control?

Energy Drinks are NOT the answer to Fatigue and morning Grogginess

Detoxification for HEALTHY Weight Loss Program


How much would your life improve right now if you could just get your health under control?

Maybe you’re struggling with a lack of energy, or pain, or unhappiness with your appearance, or maybe you’re starting to feel concerned about the direction your health is headed and you want to avoid chronic disease.

Being overweight is associated with a plethora of diseases, so if you are overweight, to avoid disease, heal from a chronic disease and feel better,  you need to lose significant weight.  However, in our fast food, high stress, toxic (chemical and emotional) society, it has become normal to be overweight.

Nevertheless, the weight loss industry exists because most people do not want to be significantly overweight.  Yet standard approaches to this problem have high failure rates.  Frequently, people feel pressure to conform to often unrealistic beauty standards, which leads many to undergo unhealthy fad diets and extreme exercise regimes that can-not be sustained long term.  In addition, many people have weak will power and are addicted to unhealthy food and drink.  However, there is another reason why it can seem so difficult to lose weight or sustain weight loss: toxicity in the body. 

Losing Weight Without Detoxification is Dangerous!

Environmental toxins accumulate in our body over time and the fat cells are like garbage dumps for them. As soon as we start to break open those fat cells, those toxins are released and can make a person feel even worse. There is now solid research in fact showing that people who lose weight without accompanying detoxification, are at HIGHER risk of chronic disease than people who gain a small amount of weight over a long period (to learn more about research indicating weight loss can actually be detrimental to health, click here).

Toxins released during weight loss lower metabolic rate!

Perhaps the most concerning effect of released toxins that comes with weight loss without accompanying detoxification is the reduction in metabolic rate.  This ironic phenomenon not only sabotages a person’s ability to lose more weight, it makes it very likely that the weight will be gained back, setting up someone for failure and all of the negative emotional and physical consequences that come with that.

Don’t fall for claims from weight loss programs that ignore the crucial need for detoxification!

Yet it is not enough to do just any “detox” program.   Most people have heard about “detox” programs with big claims.  But unless those programs are based in scientific research about which foods, beverages and supplements maximize the excretion and elimination of toxins, and which ones inhibit detoxification, you may very well fail to meet your weight loss goals, or you will lose weight and feel worse, AND will have lost money in the process.

Atlanta Restorative Acupuncture’s Detoxification for HEALTHY Weight Loss Program includes ONLY Evidence Based Components

Dr. David Blake Jones, DACM, is certified in Detoxification from one of the premier Functional Medicine institutions, Metabolic Fitness, and is now offering the Detoxification for HEALTHY Weight Loss Program.  Unlike many other programs, this one IS based in the scientific literature to put you into a fat burning state, at the same time that you are maximizing the excretion and elimination of toxins.  This essential two fold approach makes weight loss much easier, more sustainable, and prevents the negative health impact of yoyo dieting, or dieting in general without detoxification.

What You Get with the Detoxification for Healthy Weight Loss Program?

The Detoxification for Healthy Weight Loss Program is perfect for anyone who is overweight and not happy with how it makes them look and feel.  During your first appointment (approximately 30 minutes), we review your current nutrition, and lifestyle practices and we identify cellular dysfunctions, so that you can take positive steps that allow you to achieve your weight loss goals and start enjoying life to its fullest.  In the Detoxification for HEALTHY Weight Loss Program, you get:

1) Full Cell Blueprint Assessment (a 30 section questionnaire that reveals your wellbeing across 30 different aspects of cellular health, including a variety that are affected directly and indirectly by toxicity)

2) After your first appointment, you will receive a report on the findings in the Cell Blueprint Assessment from Dr. Jones, and see in text the path Dr. Jones is opening for you to healthy weight loss and wellness.

3) That path centers on a two phased (over a total of 10 days) weight loss and detox jumpstart, where you can expect to safely lose from 10 to 15 lbs. in that period.  You receive a specific nutritional strategy for opening up fat cells including complete dietary guidelines (total calories, and protein requirements calculated for you based on your BMR, your sex and your height) for this ten day jumpstart.  You also receive a comprehensive set of prescriptions for supplements that according to the scientific literature, maximize excretion and elimination of toxins.  You will also learn which supplements might be wonderful, but are detrimental when you are trying to promote the detoxification processes.

4) To ensure you continue to lose weight in a safe and sustained way, you receive a nutritional strategy for the time after you complete the 10 day detoxification and weight loss jumpstart.  This strategy centers around easy ways to set your caloric goals based on your ideal weight, and easily track your progress in adhering to your caloric goals without obsessing about how many carbs or fats you eat each day.  In this strategy, you have the option of setting either a strict goal for more rapid weight loss or a less strict goal for slower, but still long-term success. Over time, this strategy helps you to become more proficient in portion control in a way that allows for dietary variety and your changing needs per day.

5) Exercise and lifestyle recommendations (provided in report after first appointment)

6) You will have access at special package rates for services that complement one another in their weight loss effects.  These services, such as Acupuncture, Alpha Stim Therapy, Chinese Botanical formulas and Platinum Light Therapy, greatly assist in stress management, metabolic and sleep support, and pain relief, factors which are crucial to successful weight loss.

To schedule your first Consultation, and start losing weight the healthy way, contact Dr. Jones at 678 631 7965, or email him at mindbodywellnessatl@gmail.com, and request a call to schedule your first appointment. 

If you are curious but not ready to start this program, click here to schedule a free 15-20 minute Zoom or FaceTime call to see how this program will work for you.  When you contact Dr. Jones about this program you will register for a free preliminary analysis of how toxicity is directly and indirectly affecting your health and sabotaging your ability to sustain weight loss, as evidenced by your results from the Cell Blueprint Questionnaire.  

If you are ready to schedule your first Detoxification for Healthy Weight Loss consult, and start losing weight the healthy and sustainable way, click here:  ……..


Program pricing

Basic Detoxification For HEALTHY Weight Loss Program = $425 for an individual or $705 for couples, 2 friends or family members

Premium Detoxification For HEALTHY Weight Loss Package  = $ 1129 or $1996 for couples, 2 friends or family members

In addition to the Detoxification for HEALTHY Weight Loss Program, you receive the following:

8 Acupuncture treatments (each member of a couple receives 8 Acupuncture treatments), including Platinum Light Therapy ($88 x 8 = $704 with the Premium package rate vs $103 x 8 = $824 outside of the package rate) 

For all program patients

Follow up consults for calculation of macros (carbs, protein and fat) for ten day jumpstart in following months are available at only $50.  These are not usually necessary as you learn virtually all you need to learn in your first month. However, with significant weight loss comes changing caloric needs, so help modifying your program might be appropriate for some people.

Bonus for Premium Package patients

All who choose the Premium “Mind/Body” Package can access Botanical Support, and/or Instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation at special rates.


60 Day supply of botanical formulas (taken outside of 10 day intensives each month) $260 vs. $360

Instruction in the effortless practice of Primordial Sound Meditation $180 vs $295

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