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Details of Medical Pulse Diagnosis including the various pulses and details about your personal session.

About Medical Pulse Diagnosis


The various pulses explained

The radial pulse is palpated at several positions, from the wrist to as far as the mid-forearm, to assess the particular health of a specific organ and or underlying structural or muscular issues. On the Left hand, the most distal radial pulse is the Heart pulse. On the proximal side of the styloid process, is the Liver pulse. Just proximal to the latter pulse is the Kidney Yin pulse.

On the Right hand, the most distal radial pulse is the Sinus pulse. Just lateral to this pulse is the Lung pulse. On the proximal side of the styloid process is the Stomach pulse. Just proximal to the Stomach pulse is the Kidney Yang pulse.

Musculoskeletal problems are also apparent via palpation of the pulse. For example, people with chronic cervical neck degeneration have a very thin and deep radial pulse proximal to the Kidney Yang pulse, though acute muscle strain and tension in the neck can cause a more superficial and wider pulse to be perceptible above the thinner and deeper pulse.

There are other aspects of and positions at the radial pulse which can reveal the true health of additional organs and underlying problems.


Your Medical Pulse Diagnosis session

During your session of medical pulse diagnosis, your Botanical Medical practitioner will pay close attention to the qualities of the pulse. This includes levels at which each aspect of the radial pulse is felt. Each organ has a home or ideal position. A significant deviation from that appropriate level is an indication of a particular imbalance in that organ.

Another quality to consider is the shape of the pulse. Most pulses are supposed to be convex. If the pulse in a particular position is supposed to be convex but is not, it has specific diagnostic implications.

Still another quality to consider is the forcefulness of the pulse. If the pulse is either too strong or not strong enough, there are again specific implications relating to the underlying health of the patient.

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