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What Licensed Acupuncturists are saying about the Primordial Sound Meditation course offered by Dr. Jones

Greetings David,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful Primordial Sound meditation seminar a couple of weeks ago. As someone who has for more than 40 years believed in the value of meditation and wanted to make it a regular part of my life, but just couldn’t quite get there, I owe you a HUGE debt. This is because the techniques you taught, and I believe also the particular method of instruction, were so powerful that I not only experienced the effects of meditation more deeply but also have been able to incorporate the meditative practice into my daily life in a much larger and more regular way than ever before.

So now, after years of being shy of the mark, I am able to call myself a regular meditator. Already my daily life exhibits some changes: improved focus in daily activities; more global awareness-less angst over the small stuff; and a general sense of being more ‘in control’ and self-confident are the primary things I notice. Thank you again for making these seminars available-I highly recommend them for everyone, particularly those who, like me, may have struggled to develop a regular practice.

Dr. Anna Smith, DACM, MPH, LAc Read more testimonials

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What Licensed Acupuncturists are saying about the Primordial Sound Meditation course offered by Dr. Jones

Dr. David Blake Jones’s teaching of Primordial Sound Meditation is done online, which might sound impersonal. Yet I found that David is able to bridge the screen experience aptly and with presence. The online modules plus the live session were the perfect combinations of self-paced and convenient” The Primordial Sound Meditation technique, as taught by David, is easy to learn, and effortless to practice in a meditation session.
I decided to take this training during one of the most stressful years in recent memory for me. I was finding that everyone else seemed stressed out too, leading up to the November election, and the stress seemed unavoidable and contagious. I knew I was going to be out working during the whole week of the election with members of both parties, as observers of both the voting and the vote-counting processes, and that for the first time since March, I was choosing to be in crowds of people who might not have the same ideas about “how to wear a mask” as I do.
I asked David if he’d move my training up so that I could finish it before that key week in November, and he kindly agreed.
I found that the long hours working at the polls, and the variable mask-wearing by others did not affect my equilibrium. A poll observer from a different party tried to have me ejected from the polling place because it was “not close enough” to my residence, asking the Judge of Elections to revisit my credentials three times. I was unfazed. I believe that the practice even of a few days allowed me to shrug off the potentially stressful attack, and respond only with politeness and courtesy to the Judge of Elections at the moment.

As health care providers, we are watching the numbers of cases of a potentially lethal virus rise exponentially. The chance that an infected person might unknowingly walk into my clinic is higher than ever. Even as I take precautions, I need to stay calm about this possibility while I treat my patients. I feel that having this practice is helpful in all the stressors of my life, but particularly staying calm during this health emergency.

I will not pretend that after almost 30 days, that I’m really getting diligent about my practice. It’s spotty at best. But, I find that as I do make time to practice, it’s getting easier to keep doing it. I felt like I have permission to do even a short meditation and know that is possible allows me to embrace an almost daily practice. “

“I attended a Primordial Sound Meditation course taught by David Blake Jones in March 2007. Walking into the room, I didn’t know quite what to expect from the course, but David did an excellent job of explaining both the general and the specific goals we would accomplish during the course.

David’s teaching style was informative and well-paced, and the attendees were left with the impression that he really knew the material as a result of years of first-hand experience and study. What I love about PSM is that my sound, which I received lovingly from David, grounds me in meditation like no other mantra I’ve ever tried. I am able to get into a deep meditative state, and my mind doesn’t wander nearly as much.

Even now, when I think of my sound, I hear it the way David spoke it to me for the first time. His enthusiasm was catching and his unique ability to express the benefits of daily practice was inspiring. He has remained available for contact in case I ever have any questions about what we learned.

I would give this course and David high recommendations without any reservations.”

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