Acupuncture For Athletes and Gym Goers

Enhancing Athletic Performance, Promoting Recovery, and Relieving Pain

Did You Know? Acupuncture can not only relieve pain, it can also improve athletic performance, and help with strength gains!

For Example, Improving Your Squat Form

Everyone knows or has heard that Acupuncture relieves pain. However, did you know it can enhance performance in the gym?  One example is the positive effect of a specific type of Acupuncture (motor point Acupuncture) on ankle mobility and hence, squat form.  How does this kind of Acupuncture improve ankle mobility?  If the plantar flexor muscles in the calf are tight, and/or the dorsiflexor calf muscles are weak, then a person will have great difficulty with dorsiflexion of the foot, which is critical to proper ankle mobility during a squat. Motor point Acupuncture provides non-noxious stimulation to muscles, releasing tight muscles and activating weak ones.  In brief, motor point Acupuncture restores balance to muscles and restores proper function.  This Acupuncture technique thus is a great asset to anyone in the gym who wants to improve their ability to perform a squat with safe, productive form. 

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