Why do most Fibromyalgia patients experience only limited relief from both conventional and alternative medical treatments?

Why do most Fibromyalgia patients experience only limited relief from both conventional and alternative medical treatments?

For most Fibromyalgia patients, healing remains a distant goal.

Western medicine has different schools of thought about the best way to help Fibromyalgia patients. Some specialists focus on the thyroid, others on the gut, each practicing what Fibro Bible author Andrew Miles says are “isolated approaches…like blind men groping around in the dark.”  Miles argues that “you can’t discover the truth about Fibromyalgia from isolation; you must look for it in the light of context.” Yet Western medicine is not the only medical discipline to disappoint patients. 

Both conventional and alternative medicine usually fail to recognize the context in which Fibromyalgia arises and achieve only limited success in relieving patients’ symptoms. 

What is that context? 

Most Fibromyalgia patients have deficiencies, but they are within patterns 

of excess: biofilms (fungi and bacteria hiding from the immune system in slimy extracellular networks), gut dysbiosis, nitric oxide dysregulation, and prostaglandin dysregulation/platelet adhesion, aka, blood stagnation. Biofilms cause the release of inflammatory cytokines throughout the body and thus wandering pain. Gut dysbiosis (overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria and fungi) causes systemic inflammation and leaves people captive to chemical messages sent to the brain that elicit food cravings. Stress and the uneven distribution of nitric oxide cause muscular tension and cramping. Blood stagnation causes a variety of painful symptoms, including pain in tendons and ligaments. Before a Fibromyalgia patient can have more energy, and less sensitivity, the excess must be cleared.

The Fibrofatigue Protocol, based in the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, resolves this pattern of excess, improving function, boosting energy and relieving pain. It utilizes several modalities within Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, but the primary tool of this protocol is a set of Chinese botanical formulas, prescribed at different stages of healing. Gaso-Transmitter Therapy is another important component 

of the protocol, with different exercises employed at each stage of healing. 

Learn how you can resolve important factors at the root of Fibromyalgia. 

Your healing starts with a free consultation to learn how you can resolve important factors underlying your Fibromyalgia. Your customized treatment plan will prioritize the factors at the root of your symptoms providing you the relief from pain and suffering for which you have longed.  


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