RICE after an Injury, or just RCE?

RICE after an Injury, or just RCE?

For years, we have been told that we need RICE, or Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, after an injury. But many now argue that we can do without the Ice part of RICE.  

There is increasing support for avoiding Icing after an acute injury, let alone a chronic injury.  Chinese Medicine has long warned about the negative effects of icing on the blood and lymphatic flow in the damaged area. Check out the article linked above for a more in depth analysis of the controversy. 

On a personal note:  Recently, I rolled my ankle after I started running, and could not stand on the very painful and damaged foot.  I gave my self three acupuncture treatments over two days, two on the day of the injury, and one on the next day.  I needled motor points in my peroneal lower leg muscles on the day of the injury, as well as the next day.  I did use Rest, Compression and Elevation as well, but no ICE!

By the next evening, I was able to put my full weight on that damaged foot!  With no icing!  I did have some remaining soreness and a slight limp, so I avoided heavy use of that foot for five more days.   I was doing a somewhat less intense leg workout just six days after my injury!  

Acupuncture works!  Without Ice!


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