Suffer from Abdominal Bloating?

Suffer from Abdominal Bloating?

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine  are very helpful in relieving the gamut of digestive diseases, principally by restoring the flow of highly oxygenated blood to the digestive organs, and also by promoting the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system.  Chinese herbs in particular, if taken regularly during a treatment period, can warm a diet/physiology that is cold, and cool the same that is too hot or inflamed. 

In addition, there are dietary approaches that greatly reduce abdominal bloating.  One of my favorite sources for health info is Thomas DeLauer, a Personal Trainer with huge audience on Youtube. I have been impressed with his research based recommendations.  One of his recommendations is to consume fermented vegetables, at least the ones that contain indigestible fibers that foster bloat.  And it is not hard at all to ferment your food.  Or you can buy them at certain stores.  See the link to the video below the picture for more info about what causes bloat and how we can use fermented foods to help heal our guts. 

 I think you will benefit from exposure to additional information in this video as well! 

Enjoy! httpss://

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